Bowen Education Group (BEgroup) Signed Up with Ellesmere College in UK


Bowen Education Group (BEgroup) is expanding its business globally.  The institutes based in New Zealand are performing well and now the strategy for BEgroup in 2018 is developing business into the UK & US markets.

We see new opportunities in UK in line with our global business development strategy.  Lucy Liang, the CEO of BEgroup is now permanently in UK.  It is really a bonus for the organisation’s future business growth with UK business partners and associates.  Another branch of BEgroup is now established in UK called Bowen International Group.

In March 2018, our President of Board, Kingsley Wang visited UK.  We have explored a number of joint education programmes and successfully signed up agreements with a number of British boarding schools and universities.  We have also signed up as A level agency for a British Flying School who train students to fly private jets and we are about to become a strategic business partner of the Institute of British Culture.

One of the initial successes in UK is to become the Australasian exclusive education representative for Ellesmere College.

Ellesmere College is a fully co-educational school set in the beautiful English countryside. Founded in 1884, the school offers students between the ages of 7 to 18 the chance to achieve success in both their studies and a wide range of activities, including music, art, sport and drama, in a happy, friendly atmosphere. There are currently 540 students and approximately 80 teachers and over 100 service staff.

Ellesmere College is a school proud of its distinguished history, but as a school they certainly do not live in the past. It is a vibrant and forward looking school offering excellent opportunities to boys and girls aged 7 to 18 years. An Ellesmere education is a preparation for living adult life successfully, considerately and with a sense of personal fulfilment. The school places great value upon the individual. Ellesmere’s aspirations for its pupils are higher than simply passing examinations – however vital examination success is – but the value of developing the whole person is fundamental in the school’s philosophy.

If you want to send your children to the UK for further quality education from age 10 onwards, you are welcome to contact Bowen Education Group from now on.

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