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– by Winston Reid Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Mr Kingsley Wang, the President of BEgroup Education & Technology, is appointed as the Ambassador by Winston Reid Foundation.



The Winston Reid Foundation Football Academy is a project designed to cultivate the football talent in New Zealand and internationally in association with the professional New Zealand footballer Winston Reid (West Ham United F.C. captain, New Zealand All Whites captain) and the foundation which bears his name.

Winston Reid’s vision is to facilitate the learning and extend the ability of young people in New Zealand and throughout the world leading to the proposed construction of a flagship academy. This exciting new facility showcases the ability for the two disciplines of education and sport to be amalgamated using international facilities, best practice and opportunities.

Coaches, trainers and educators will be selected on a extremely high level of experience and expertise in keeping with the vision of the project and ongoing support for the young people.

Through international partners, the Winston Reid Foundation Football Academy will provide excellence and a culture of success for young people as well as acting as a gateway to wider opportunities in Australasia, the Americas and Europe.


Winston Reid is a New Zealander born on the North Shore of Auckland in 1988 with a proud Maori ancestry. As a proud New Zealander, he represents the nation through his role as captain of the national football team, the All Whites, and demonstrates it to the wider football community through his captaincy of the Premier League team, West Ham United. He is a role model for young Maori, young New Zealanders, and young people around through his tenacity and considerable humility in his talent within both his footballing prowess and in his wider social philanthropy and youth development.

Winston Reid’s contribution to football in New Zealand and internationally has been immense. Beginning in Denmark, Winston was able to emerge as a rising star in the beautiful game before succeeding in his aspiration to play for New Zealand and in the Premier League in the United Kingdom.


As a starting defender and captain for the Premier League club West Ham United, Winston has been a leading force rising to a position of significant influence over his seven years at the club. In 2010, Winston was a key member of the undefeated All White World Cup team that missed out on advancing further in the renowned competition through point differentials. Of particular note in this tournament in South Africa was the remarkable game against the legendary Italian team holding them to a draw against all odds. New Zealand’s ability in these international competitions is drawn from the experience of players like Winston who demonstrate the ‘can-do’ attitude recognizable in New Zealand’s sporting culture. Most recently Winston captained the All Whites to a 0-0 draw against the world’s 10th highest FIF rates team, Peru, in the qualifying stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia next year.


Winston’s involvement in New Zealand football and Maori culture, when aligned with his vision for the Winston Reid Foundation, exemplifies the level of compassion and belief that Winston has for the young people of New Zealand and around the world. The foundation aspires to create a facility that captures the heart and passion of football and acts diligently toward the progression of young footballers onto the national and international footballing stage.


The Winston Reid Foundation, in partnership with Maori Football New Zealand and the Auckland City Council, have identified a legacy opportunity for the young people of New Zealand, and the wider international footballing community, to establish a premier football training facility and football academy at Liston Park in Auckland, New Zealand.

It is our mission to bring community and international groups together to create and enhance opportunity for young footballers. This is to be achieved through professional training and match-based programmes with a dedicated focus to create footballers with the skill and ability to perform on an international scale. The current model and plans outline a facility destined to provide training and accommodation to young men and woman across a diverse range of national and international talent. As well as this, the facility has the potential for social transformation through the engagement of young people with the benefits aligned with exposure to internationally recognized players, managers and coaches through the wider Winston Reid Foundation network.

The state of the art facilities in conjunction with international class players and managers serves to create a unique opportunity for young people to become better equipped to accomplish their footballing aspirations.

Among the trustees of the Foundation is Phil Warbrick who served as the All Whites Manager from 2004 to 2011 and brings significant experience in the phases of construction from procurement to production along with his passionate team at Synergine Group Ltd, one of New Zealand’s leading infrastructure companies.



The Winston Reid Foundation wholeheartedly welcomes the opportunity to partner with BEgroup in developing the mutual goal of training world class athletes.

The New Zealand sporting landscape provides excellent opportunities for cultural immersion, academia and developing holistically as an individual and as an athlete. Students to the Winston Reid Foundation Academy are integrated into New Zealand culture, making the transition to Western Culture a smooth and enjoyable one. Through the Winston Reid Foundation Academy, students are provided the opportunity to access pathways to success in larger Western competitions and tournaments in areas such as Oceania, the American and Europe.

Aligned with the outstanding football facilities, the Academy also assists with the educational needs of the students by providing world class schooling facilitation ESOL and international qualifications such as Cambridge International Examinations (Cambridge) and the International Baccalaureate (IB) through related partners. Within the academy, skilled and highly qualified educators work tirelessly to ensure the needs of the individual are met and exceeded to secure a positive outcome for each of the students.

On the football field, students are exposed to an international level of coaching, managing and training using international best practice and facilities. Winston Reid’s team of hand-selected trainers creates an environment of excellence and a culture of hard work and success. Throughout their stay at the hostel or within an homestay environment, students can expect to work with a range of high level administrators, trainers, coaches and nutritionists as part of Winston’s wider network and the international connection to the professional level of football.


The Winston Reid Foundation Football Academy offers the opportunity for young people to thrive on the sports field, in the classroom and in the community in an environment that creates teamwork and leadership with other like-minded students from New Zealand and around the world.

The Winston Reid Foundation Football Academy at Liston Park in Auckland New Zealand will be an internationally recognized football academy for youth from New Zealand and aboroad. It will provide pathways into the international football competition leagues.

The Winston Reid Foundation Football Academy will be accommodated in a new purpose built football facility at Liston Park, with three football fields for training and competition games.

The replacement of the existing building with new buildings will provide a football academy facility, with:

  • An administration hub for the Winston Reid Foundation, with potential for other tenancies, shared “front of house” services, and communal meeting rooms and conference spaces accessible to the community via a formalized booking system
  • A full-sized, floodlit, sand carpet playing field
  • Focused, training, playing and development pathways for representative, national and international players, including those identified from within the local community, with benefits to younger aspiring footballers able to watch their football heroes at this community based facility that incorporates
  • Other facilities such as health/sports science and meeting/conference facilities
  • A full-sized floodlit, sand carpet, grass turf playing field
  • A full-sized artificial football pitch fully fenced, to provide all weather playing and training facilities
  • A three-quarter pitch (90m x 56m) grass turf for Junior training and games
  • Flood lighting of all pitches, as required to meet the Council’s requirement for 200lux (consistent), to provide for weekday evening use
  • A comprehensive gymnasium including free and machine weights and recovery equipment
  • A hydrotherapy centre
  • On-site sports medicine facilities
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • One referees room with shower
  • 800 seat grandstand

Development of the site will include:

  • Three public toliets and one accessible public toilet
  • Perimeter tree planting
  • Passive ball kick around area
  • Fixed/non-mechanical exercise equipment
  • Low impact outcomes such as incorporating rain gardens into the design
  • Appropriately scaled car parking and provision for temporary event parking
  • Safe and visible socializing spaces
  • Additional facilities for youth such as landscape features and sports

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